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Plumes Ensemble is a hybrid pop/classical group originating from Montréal, whose recent "homes away from homes" have included New York City and Paris. Singer/guitarist and songwriter Veronica Charnley, former front-person for Canadian indie rock group Flotilla, is joined by musicians from diverse backgrounds, including composer and multi-instrumentalist Geof Holbrook, harpist Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau, drummer Karl Jannuska and an expanding cast of chamber musicians including violist Pemi Paull and clarinettist Katie Schoepflin. In recent years the group has ventured into interpreting 20th-century repertoire, in addition to their original material.
On the group's eponymous full-length, released in July 2012, Charnley's inventive songwriting is supported by arrangements for string quartets, brass quintets, clarinets and violas, and even a full orchestra in a central eight-minute track inspired by the Greek myth of Hero and Leander. The album earned praise from Exclaim! for reaching “sublime new heights". Grayowl Point called it “a glorious crossover of classical music grace and indie-pop catchiness.” Since then Plumes has toured across Canada, Germany, France and the U.S. They've appeared in festivals such as Wolfe Island Festival, Cluster: New Music and Integrated Arts Festival, Evolve, Ritornello Chamber Music Festival, NXNE, Brain Cave, and Hans Dampf Festival.

In 2014 they recorded their first album under the name Plumes Ensemble entitled Folk Songs and Future Loves, scored for chamber ensemble and voice and recorded in Montréal at Mechanicland Studios with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. They started work on another album, recorded in a more indie-pop style, at Castle Rohrsdorf, near Dresden, Germany. It will be released under the name "Plumes" in early 2017.

Sep 09 2017 Münich, DE Corso Leopold
Sep 07 2017 Berlin, DE Nussbreite
Sep 03 2017 Dresden, DE Sound of Bronkow
Sep 02 2017 Offenbach, DE Hafen 2
Sep 01 2017 Aachen, DE Raststätte
Aug 31 2017 Karlsruhe, DE House show
Mar 21 2017 Vancouver, BC Music on Main
Mar 18 2017 Saskatoon, SK Village Guitar & Amp Co
Mar 17 2017 Winnipeg, MB Cluster Festival
Mar 16 2017 Kitchener, ON Wilfrid Laurier University
Mar 15 2017 Guelph, ON University of Guelph
Mar 13 2017 Windsor, ON University of Windsor
Mar 12 2017 Hamilton, ON The Casbah
Mar 11 2017 Toronto, ON The Music Gallery
Mar 10 2017 Montreal, QC Rocket Science Room
Dec 10 2016 Paris, FR Salon Mme du Châtelet
Oct 25 2016 Bochum, DE Goldkante
Oct 21 2016 Ravensburg, DE Figurentheater
May 28 2016 Paris, FR Le Pavé d'Orsay
Apr 10 2016 Paris, FR Raffet House
Jan 22 2016 Paris, FR Le Pavé d'Orsay
Dec 09 2015 Paris, FR Cité Internationale des Arts
Oct 08 2015 Berlin, DE Schokoladen
May 19 2015 Paris, FR Pop-In
May 17 2015 Offenbach, DE Parkside Studios
May 16 2015 Paris, FR Masuga House
Apr 18 2015 Tübingen, DE Schelling Hausbar
Apr 16 2015 Darmstadt, DE Oetinger Villa
Apr 15 2015 Köln, DE Kulturcafé Lichtung
Apr 13 2015 Paris, FR Sunset/Sunside
Apr 11 2015 Aachen, DE Raststätte
Apr 10 2015 Erfurt, DE Franz Mehlhose
Apr 09 2015 Hamburg, DE FS 115
Mar 27 2015 Winnipeg, MB Cluster Festival
Dec 01 2014 Montreal, QC Sala Rossa
Nov 30 2014 Hamilton, ON The Casbah
Nov 28 2014 Toronto, ON The Garrison
Apr 05 2014 Magdeburg, DE Volksbad Courage
Apr 04 2014 Hamburg, DE Dying Lizard
Apr 03 2014 Hamburg, DE Astrastube
Apr 02 2014 Berlin, DE Schokoladen
Mar 29 2014 Köln, DE Kulturcafé Lichtung
Mar 28 2014 Aachen, DE Raststätte
Mar 08 2014 Erfurt, DE Franz Mehlhose
Feb 21 2014 Dresden, DE Castle Rohrsdorf
Jun 23 2013 Hamilton, ON Baltimore House
Jun 22 2013 Guelph, ON Cornerstone
Jun 21 2013 Toronto, ON Tranzac
Jun 20 2013 Montreal, QC Cagibi
Jun 19 2013 Ottawa, ON Zaphod Beeblebrox
Jun 08 2013 Edmonton, AB Wunderbar
Jun 06 2013 Vancouver, BC Raw Canvas
Jun 05 2013 Victoria, BC Lucky Bar
Jun 03 2013 Duncan, BC Duncan Garage Showroom
Jun 02 2013 Armstrong, BC The Armstrong
Jun 01 2013 Kelowna, BC The Streaming Café
May 31 2013 Banff, AB Wildflour Bakery
May 30 2013 Calgary, AB Campbell House
May 29 2013 Regina, SK The Artful Dodger
May 28 2013 Winnipeg, MB The CYRK
May 25 2013 Saskatoon, SK Ritornello Festival
May 24 2013 Saskatoon, SK Ritornello Festival
Apr 27 2013 Muenster, DE Hans Dampf Festival
Apr 26 2013 Mainz, DE Haus Mainusch
Apr 24 2013 Kiel, DE Prinz Willy
Apr 21 2013 Hamburg, DE Das Nord
Apr 20 2013 Erfurt, DE Franz Mehlhose
Apr 19 2013 Berlin, DE Café Myxa
Apr 18 2013 Berlin, DE Intersoup
Apr 17 2013 Berlin, DE Schokoladen
Apr 12 2013 Paris, FR Le Pavé D'Orsay
Mar 18 2013 Paris, FR Point Ephémère
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